Duolingo Android Review (CNet)

I haven’t tried the Duolingo language learning program yet but it’s gotten pretty good reviews around the ‘net. Here’s an excerpt of a review of Duolingo’s Android app from CNet.com:

The good: Duolingo is completely free and turns language-learning into a game, broken down into short lessons. Progress is stored in the cloud and can be synced between devices.

The bad: The app could use a wider variety of question types and support for more languages. Also, in-depth lessons on sentence structure and verb conjugations would be really helpful.

The bottom line: As language learning apps go, Duolingo is a fantastic option that’s completely free, but don’t expect it to help you become completely fluent.

One of the most popular education apps on the market, Duolingo offers free language-learning by way of gamified lesson plans. The app includes programs for English speakers to learn Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian, as well as programs to learn English from any of those languages except German.

As the bottomline from CNet indicates, Duolingo isn’t a complete solution. But given the buzz it’s generated in language learning circles, it should probably figure in an overall strategy to gain fluency.

Source: CNet

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