Fluenz Spanish Learning Software Review

Fluenz Spanish (Latin America) is, for me, one of the best Spanish learning software programs out there.  It jumps right into real-life situations as a way to learn sentence structure and grammar without over-emphasizing a so-called natural way to learn a language. It combines video, audio and games into one package. It teaches typing in the language (with or without accents) as well as pronunciation. And perhaps trickiest of all for a software program, it teaches listening skills.


  • Each Fluenz level contains 30 lessons. Over 5 levels, that’s 150 lessons of 1.0-2.5 hours each.
  • Each computer lesson follows a familiar pattern.
    • Simulated real-world conversation in Spanish only, Spanish with Spanish subtitles and Spanish with English & Spanish subtitles.
    • 8-12 minute explanation by the video tutor, Sonia Gil, breaking down the conversation bit by bit.
    • Then there are a series of “workouts” in each lesson, including
      • Hearing/typing words and phrases
      • Matching English and Spanish phrases
      • Speaking the words in sentences and hearing your recorded voice next to the correct pronunciation
      • Hear phrases and type/spell them out
      • Recognizing pictures and proper responses to a question.
  • Audio CD’s. Each track corresponds to 3-4 lessons where Sonya covers additional vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Access to a Members section with an active forum, online flash cards and downloadable podcasts for further study.


Varies based on how many programs you select. All orders contain supplemental Audio CD’s and Podcasts.

Fluenz Spanish 1 – $177
Fluenz Spanish 1+2 – $323
Fluenz Spanish 1+2+3+4+5- $398

If you’re a little bit advanced, you can get Fluenz Spanish 3+4+5 separately for $358

System Requirements

  • Platform: Windows 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OS X
  • Media: DVD-ROM
  • Optional (but practically necessary): Microphone hooked up to computer


I really do believe Fluenz is one of the most comprehensive Spanish language learning systems out there. Sonya Gil, who founded the company and is the video tutor for Fluenz Spanish-Latin American really takes her time in explaining sentence structure, pronunciation, little tricks to remembering words and just giving you a flavor for the Spanish language. And Fluenz is one of the truest Adult language course out there. Babies don’t learn the same way that adults do. Why would you want to replicate that? As an adult, you can combine both a natural way of speaking (real-world situations) with the nuts-and-bolts of grammar. Fluenz doesn’t over-emphasize either approach so it’s more balanced.

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