Rocket Spanish Learning Software Review

Rocket Languages. A relatively new name in the Language learning sphere, to me at least, that has been rocketing (no pun intended) up the charts. Here’s a rundown for Rocket Spanish.


The main components of all Rocket Languages courses are the Interactive Audio lessons & the Language and Culture lessons. This is intended to give you a balanced approach to learning each language.

  • 32 downloadable Interactive Audio lessons with contemporary everyday conversations that you can join in with.
  • 31 illustrated Language and Culture lessons featuring step-by-step instructions for everyday situations.
  • Tutors Mauricio and Amy guide you through realistic scenarios so that you always know the right thing to say.

You will be able to track your progress within your online members area.

The courses also include lots of features that help you with your learning; like adding notes on lessons, saving words in My Vocab, and practicing your pronunciation with voice comparison technology. The Master Games are pretty fun. Fun while learning? Sure, why not.

  • 24/7 access to the Rocket Learning Lounge, including the support of native speakers, and other learners.
  • Interactive games, quizzes, self tests, progress tracking, and when you’re ready you can get Rocket Certified

There’s also a 20 CD set option with all learning materials on disc. All the audio lessons are in audio CD format for you to play straight in your stereo. You will also have PDF versions of the Language & Culture on disc.


Most courses are $99.95 each for the online version

Most languages also have higher level courses – Premium Plus (Level 2) and Platinum (Level 3). These cost $149.95 each but if you have already purchased the Premium (Level 1) course, you can purchase these for a members-only price of $129.95 from within your Members Area after purchase.

The 20-CD sets cost USD $299.95 (incl. shipping) and include online access to the course as well. The 20CD set contains the same materials as the online version of the course but has all the Interactive Audio lessons in high-quality audio CD format which you can play straight in your CD player or stereo.

System Requirements


  • Google Chrome, Firefox 4+, Safari 3+ or Internet Explorer 8+
  • Certain parts of the course require Adobe Flash 10.3+


  • Android – Yes – Available in the Google Play Store
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) – Yes – Available in the Apple Store


Rocket Spanish feels more geared towards those who emphasize real-life situations over nuts-and-bolts grammar. They place a lot of emphasis on everyday situations, in both the audio lessons and the language & culture sections. Where Rocket has a little bit of an advantage on Synergy is in its vibrant online and user community. Lots of self-quizzes, games, support from native speakers and those going through the program. It doesn’t place as much emphasis on grammar as I might like but if you’re looking to get up and running a bit more quickly than, say, in Fluenz, you’ll be very well served by this program.